Italian lyrical Style fused with Italian natural Beauty

Orlin Anastassov, an internationally renowned Bulgarian bass, and his team came up with the idea for this project which is now supported by several tural and international Associations and sponsored by Comune di Belluno.

The aim of the project, set up at these critical times we live in, is to preserve the spirit of ART. То restorе the art of opera and classical music to places of pristine beauty, in their traditional theaters, through the cultural exchange of artists and productions, with particular attention to talented young people. The musical heritage of Italy, Il Bel Paese, the second beloved homeland of the great Bulgarian bass singer Boris Hristov, will revive for the younger generations of artists thanks to international cooperation. The local and international audiences will enjoy the productions of the Academy, during the six months of its annual activity, performed at the annual Art Festival – Boris Hristov.

This project is entitled to Boris Hristov, as it represents his greatest dream: the creation of an artistic Community, in which a lot of young people can share their talents and will continue the great Italian tradition in lyrical style, of which he himself was an active participant, voice and supporter

The Academy and the Festival will invite International top level professionals to take part and teach every musical and dramatic discipline. Students will be able to perfect their skills with the most illustrious names on the world scene and perform alongside them, an unique opportunity in the world of today. Thus, in a short time, they can become independent professionals, able to sing on the world stages, to compose, to play in a new orchestra, to create sets and costumes, to give life to new and innovative stage productions. All this will be possible, thanks to the meeting of professional excellence with the spirit of talented young people.

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